Tax Services 
Filing taxes is a complicated and time consuming process. We take all the stress away from you, delivering professional, cost effective personal and business tax filing services.  

No matter how complex or straightforward, our experienced team can assist you with filing obligations, as well as bringing  and keeping your US tax affairs up to date. Our tax advisors  are fully qualified in US tax, and can provide expert advice on the best tax efficient structures for you.  

Here are some of the tasks we can help you with; 

 Completion of individual Federal US resident and non- resident tax returns (Form 1040 and Form 1040NR)
 Streamlining for delinquent filers 
 Preparing expatriation returns 
 Preparing and submitted Foreign Bank Account Reports
 Claims for Foreign Earned Income deductions 
 Claims for Foreign Tax Credits 
 Schedule A -Itemize your deductions 
 Completion of State individual Tax Returns 
 Planning for moving to or from the US 
 Planning of UK/US profit extraction from companies including the resolution of both the Repatriation Tax and  the GILTI Tax  
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